Release a White Dove in Memory of a Loved One 
You are invited to Stanmer House on Sunday Nov 11th
November is the month of remembrance.
For anyone wanting to remember a loved one who is no longer with us we invite you to release white doves in their memory on Sunday 11th at 12pm in the beautiful Stanmer Park.
Send your message of love out on the wings of your very own white dove or join together with family and friends to release a flock. 
You will have the opportunity to hold one of these beautiful birds before letting it free to soar skyward. Feelings of re-connection and meaning will flow through you as you watch your dove circle to orientate before heading for home, her white wings glinting against the blue sky. 
Join us afterwards if you wish for tea or lunch and a chat at the Stanmer House Cafe. 
Pre-book your doves below

Bring your friends and family along to experience these special birds first hand.

Release one together or get one each!

Pre-book your doves now so that we know how many to bring for you.
Kate Henwood Photography will be there to capture the moment! 
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